100th Day of School Ideas

Did you know that there is a special celebration that happens at schools across the country on the 100th day of the school year? Well, there is! The 100th day celebration is a great way to mark a milestone in the school year, to celebrate learning, and to have fun! It is typically celbrated in the lower grades (K-5).

Muffin Tin Girl recently celebrated her 100th day of school with these fun and simple ideas:

Make "100" Glasses out of carstock or other heaveyweight materials. I know you mamas can get creative!

Count out 100 snack pieces to eat at home or take to school.

Make a "100th Day" Placemat for snacktime with 10 stars counting up to 100...10, 20, 30...etc. Have your child divide here 100 snack items 10 by 10 on each star.

*These ideas provided courtesy of Muffin TIn Girl's Kindergarten Class


  1. That is so cool but I had no idea! I do not remember ever doing anything for the 100th day. Man I got ripped off...lol

  2. Last year my son made a hedgehog (with clay) and we stuck 100 toothpicks in his back - I came out really cute! He was excited to take it to school to share with his friends.

  3. LOVE the 100th day of school! When I taught, we also did 100 piece puzzles and did 100 chart activities - like scavenger hunts. Love your blog - I became a follower!

  4. How fun! I will have to count and see when the 100th day is/was for school. The glasses are cute and so is the placemat!

  5. I love those glasses and that smile!

  6. I always loved planning for the 100th day when I taught first grade.