Heart Flower Lollipop

This sweet lollipop heart flower is simple to make and sure to bring a smile to anyone who recieves it. Why not make a few this spring for a special someone?

When I say simple, I mean reeeeeally simple.

You'll need:
  • Heart Die Cuts- about 2-3 inches in size (or hand cut them out too)
  • Small Lollipop (dum-dums and charms lollies from The Dollar Tree are the perfect size)
  • 4 inch Leaves (cut out using my paper flower tutorial)
  •  1/8 inch hole punch (see below)
  • Ribbon

this is the 1/8 in punch. super teensy.
How to:
  • Gather the heart and leaves together, punch a hole through each piece at the bottom of the heart andone end of the leaf.
  • Thread them through the end of the lolly, pushing them all the way untill the paper meets the lolly.
  • Fan the hearts and leaves out to make a flower.
  • To hold in place, tie a ribbon under the paper.

  • my flowers were exactly 2 1/4 inches size (cut from my cricut)
  • Don't have lollipops? Use a chenille pipe cleaner instead and attach a pom-pom to center of flower.
  • PERFECT for Valentines Day, Mother's Day, or any special occasion!


  1. What a cute flower! I put up a butterfly patterned one yesterday.

  2. Anonymous7:07 AM

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