Friday Find: NBC's Today Show segment: Do Bath Toys Carry Germs?

If you need me, I'll be in the bathroom, disinfecting the you know what out of our bath toys...


  1. I've never been a big fan of the rubber duckies or squirt toys as they never fully dry out and I worry about the mold growing in them.

    Now with the phalates scare too, we don't have any of that type of bath toy, just the hard plastic ones, but even those I'm sure carry yuckies!

    You would think they'd be super clean, after all, they get a bath every night ;)

  2. wow i havent watched the vid yet but i can only imagine from your reaction .. i think im gonna get the bleach!

  3. I don't buy bath toys for that very reason. I just use McDonald's happy meal toys and throw them away on a regular basis.

  4. I saw this yesterday and sent it to every mom I know. Absolutely wretched!

  5. I haven't even watched the video- just the title is enough for me and I know exactly what it's talking about.
    One of our toys was light colored enough you could see through to the black/green inside.
    Cut it open for a closer look...
    and they ALL went in the garbage.
    We only have letters now. But he's old enough to not chew anymore.
    And who needs toys when you can SPLASH!

  6. Have more babies! Who needs toys when you've got siblings :D

  7. Uck! I'm going upstairs right now!

  8. okay so i bleach mine once a week and we rotate from day today. but i personally feel that children need to be exposed to a certain amount of bacteria to keep their immune systems upto date so to speak. do I want them drinking from the toilet? NO! but do I freak about everything? also no. so bleach 'em and let 'em play, I soak mine over night (inside and out) and then rinse thoroughly the next morning.