#InfluenceSD: The Best in San Diego New Media

#InfluenceSD is a local San Diego venture which brings all of the best bloggers, twitterers (tweeters?), podcasters, and PR peeps together on one site. It's fast become the site to discover who's who in San Diego's fast growing Social Media Circle. I have found so many new blogs to follow in my area, through #InfluenceSD. Even if you don't live in the San Diego area, there are some wonderful blogs to discover.

You can nominate and vote for your favorites in Categories such as Best In Lifestyle, Best Podcast of The Year, Best in Community and Nightlife, and Best Blog of the Year, among others.

And I'm nominated!  I'm shamelessly plugging Muffin Tin Mom and asking that if you like what you read here at MTM, I would love for you to go check out #InfluenceSD and vote for little old me. I'm up against some pretty wonderful competition, some of them friends. Be sure to click the up arrow next to my name - that's how you vote. I may be on page one or two as well.


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