No Need For The Sunday Paper

Let's get right to the links!

The Activity Mom: I love how she constructed this DIY pretend grocery store out of two show racks and piece of shelving. So clever! It was a birthday present for her son. What a gift!

1+1=1: Nothing in particular to link to, I just want you to go check out this fantastic homeschooling blog/site. If you homeschool or are thinking about homeschooling, may I highly recommend 1+1=1.

Funny Days With Mommy and Maddie: I am soooo trying the Maple and Cream Cheese Cresents she made. The look and sound delish!

Love, love, loving these spring chick cupcakes from The Idea Room. so cute. Excited to see how they taste.

hmmm....it's looking more and more like I have food on the brain. hee hee!


A quote instead of scripture today. It's one that I have hanging from a D-ring in our shower.

"For every selfish act in a family, there is an honor based solution."

~From the book: How to Stop Whining, Crying and Complaining
in You and Your Kids


  1. I'm going to try those cream cheese rolls too! yum!Also, great quote. I'll have to check out that book. Thanks for linking up to our grocery store.

  2. Thank you so much for including me! The cream cheese mixture is also fantastic for stuffed crepes and stuffed french toast. MMmmmm I think that's exactly what we will be having Easter morning!

  3. I loved the crescent recipe too.