Death To The Monkey Bars

We are settling in to our "new normal" routine here. If you weren't already aware, Muffin Tin Boy broke his elbow on Sunday playing on the monkey bars at a park. I snapped a few photos after the surgery, hope you don't think that's inappropriate.

Here's a little of our adventure for those of you that are wondering:

Sunday afternoon we were attending a friend's birthday party at a local park. I had just dropped off Muffin Tin Dad and the Muffin Tin Kids and was driving down the street, when I got a call on my cell that MT Boy had fallen on the monkey bars (hold your left arm behind your back like you are going to handcuffed-he fell back on his arm that way-ouch!) MT Girl ran to get MT Dad, and I drove up. We wisked him away to the emergency room to get seen asap. And until they gave him medication for the pain, he was miserable, crying in agony.

They did a few x-rays and determined that he need to be transported to the regional children's hospital to be seen immediately by a pediatric orthopedic surgeon (say that 5 times fast!). He had fractured his elbow through the growth plate and would need surgery. So we waited for the ambulance to arrive. And waited and wait and waited...a total of 2 hours for a transport ambulance! And the drive to Children's was 45 minutes!

Finally, we made our way to the next ER where we were greeted pretty quickly by the staff and soon the doctor. He recommended we wait until 6:30am to have surgery as the OR had been backed up and then MT Boy could get food (it had been 9 hours!) and sleep before the surgery, rather than be at the mercy of the OR.

So with the drip drip drip of morphine to comfort him during the night he was admitted. It's been a long time since I had that sleepless of a night and I am not sure I have fully recovered from it. MT Boy woke every half hour, as every slight turn brought a shooting pain up his arm, despite the morphine. The drugs also made him have crazy dreams. At one point he shouted "No, you can't have my chair!" in his sleep. When I asked him, he said he was just dreaming about his arm.

The next morning he had his surgery and as he was wheeled back to OR, the nurse asked him if he was hurt because he was jumping on the bed, I said he had been playing on the monkey bars. Muffin Tin Boy started singing "No More Monkeys Jumpin' On The Bed". The Pediatric Oncology, Cardiolody, and Orthopedic Dept. all converged around this amazing activity center for patients. The only thing Muffin Tin Boy wanted to do after he woke up was play air hockey. He was in heaven!

More to come later, if I am up to it...

I should tell you that although I was pretty shaken up by the whole experience, I realize that it was "just" a broken elbow and to put things into perspective I will share with you that the 13 year old girl next to us in the emergency room was hit by a car in the crosswalk. The driver had been texting.


  1. I'm so glad surgery went well and your boy is feeling better! We just went through a broken arm ourselves with our 3 year old, though not as serious as yours. Our boy wasn't playing on the monkey bars but rather was playing monkey, trying to swing from a low branch of a tree to a foot tall landscaping border wall. We're in week 4 of the cast. He's done remarkably well with it, but I must say I'm looking forward to him being able to go potty all by himself again and giving him one really good bath! I pray your boy's arm heals well!

  2. I'm so glad that everything went well & that he seems to be on the mend. We have been lucky so far {knock on wood} to not have any broken bones....just plenty of stitches. I hope that Muffin Tin Boy heals quickly & is able to be a normal boy in no time!

  3. Yowsers. No fun. PTL it wasn't worse, but still, I can't imagine...

    Glad all's well that ENDS well. :)

  4. Oh! I hope Muffin Tin Boy heals completely and quickly. The playground really scares me sometimes watching my little ones climb to the top of monkey bars and also the tall slide.

  5. Oh,my! I have a story so similar to yours, it is uncanny. You have to pop over and see...


    It does get better. My Sam's arm is fully healed and you cannot tell it was ever broken.

  6. so sorry michelle! my niece just broke her arm falling from the monkey bars. Hope your guy is better soon. take care!

  7. I can't believe he started soon. I hope he heals quickly.

  8. hope you all feel better by now. And I as a mother know how horrible it is if your child is hurt and you have to trust into the doctors.
    Since my boys have the tendency to bang their heads, I visit the Hospital a lot. I feel horrible each time, it`s always the same even if the doc tells me its not bad. they hurt and so you do too. that`s being a parent.
    greetings from Germany

  9. Prayers for you all! Last May I took an ambulance with my boy from the park. The shock of adrenaline in your body will leave you a bit weary for awhile.

  10. I am so glad he is doing well ... he did look very happy to be playing air hockey. There's nothing like some time in a children's hospital to get some perspective, I really felt what you were saying. Last year we spent 4 days in the hospital when our little 9 month old came down with RSV. The RSV was a little scary, but once the treatments began, things were fine and I felt very calm. But everywhere around me I saw some really tough things going on. I even ran into a friend from my college days and he was there because his baby was in a really touch and go condition right then. So, a little RSV didn't really seem so bad. And I am so grateful to those who dedicate their lives to medical care for the rest of us.