Easy Easter DIY Color By Numbers Printable

This simple Easter dinner table activity is sure to sitting through the big meal a little more bearable. You can transform a traditional coloring page into a "color-by-number" activity with just a few simple steps and items.

A printable coloring page. HP has a ton of great printables from their Creative Studio, or if you have their Touchsmart Web Printer, the same printables are available thru the Easter Application (But, you can also google Free Easter Coloring Page)

Crayons in 6 colors. You can use any number of crayons, but I found that 6 was about right for my kindergartener. You can adjust higher or lower, if you wish.
  • Using a ball point pen, label your printed coloring page with numbers 1-6 (as shown in the photo).
  • Make a key with colored boxes and the corresponding number next to each box (also shown in photo)
  • Make duplicates by either hand copying, or using the copy function on your all-in-one printer.
Super simple and fun for all ages! This would work for Birthdays, dining out, and much more!

Disclaimer: HP did not ask me to mention Creative Studio or the Web Printer. I just love their products!

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