Going Greener

I am bound and determined to go greener with my family. We already recycle aluminum, plastic, and glass and much more. We are transitioning into PVC, pthalate, BPA, sulfate free personal care products, I reuse the plastic bags we get when shopping, but I'd like to just not use them at all. My goal right now- to use reusable shopping bags 100% of the time when shopping.

In honor of this transition into greener shopping, I designed my own reusable bag thru Ralph's "design-a-reusable-bag" contest! The winning design gets $1000 in a Ralphs Gift Card! Woo-hoo!

I would LOVE your vote of support for my design (pictured above!)- Click here! Don't see the bag right away? Click on the Ralphs icon (that should take you to my bag design). You can vote MORE THAN ONCE (but only once per day)

I love the quote by Anne Frank had it right. It's never too late to start making different choices!

And the best part? you can enter too for your chance at a $1000 Gift Card!


  1. I voted for you! Great quote. I used to be an English teacher, and I always enjoyed teaching Anne Frank.

  2. If you have a Kroger nearby go to their website and design a bag. They will give you a coupon for a free Kroger (plain) reusable bag.
    And if you're near a Publix check out their green and yellow in store coupon books. They're always giving away free bags when you purchase specific items. I have a TON of them now!

  3. looks great! I voted for you :)

  4. I voted for you...good luck! Great design!

  5. I voted! Love the design and message.