Kids DIY Egg Shakers

Don't throw away your plastic Easter Eggs. Why not upcycle them into musical egg shakers using rice, ribbon and a little hot glue. They are perfect for little hands and plastic easter eggs come in a wide variety of bright and cheerful colors.

Here's what you'll need:

Medium sized ribbon, plastic easter egg that opens horizontally, rice, glue gun (I found mine for under $5 @ Walmart several years ago). Not shown: Scissors.

1. Fill one half of your egg up with rice.

2. Using the glue gun, pipe a light layer of hot glue around the inner edge of the bottom half of the plastic egg.

3. Close tightly. Pipe additional layer of glue around outside egg, where the two halves meet. Place ribbon on top of glue to cover (as shown). Using scissors, snip off end of ribbon.

Ta-da! Musical egg shakers every child will enjoy! Now, shake away.

* This is a craft for Grown-ups and older children, due to the presence of the glue gun. Always use extreme caution when operating a glue gun and keep away from little hands.


  1. Like I need more noise around here! But seriously that is a great thing to do with those eggs! They look super cute also. Maybe save those ones for next year Easter egg hunt and then it's less candy that the child is getting also!

  2. This is just too adorable! I made a shaker egg before with just packaging tape. I'm definitely going to do it this way with cute ribbon and glue. Thanks!

  3. Ribbon is genious! So much cuter than tape!

  4. I made these last year. I found the glue gun didn't work great for me. I ended up using tape.
    After I tried foil tape and cut into shapes and they looked a lot better.

  5. I did this for... my CATS! I found some catnip pellets and put them in an egg, and they LOVED it! They could still smell the 'nip, and enjoyed the rattle sound, and eggs, when you prod them on a flat surface, like the kitchen floor, roll in a circle back to you! My cats went nuts! Eventually one got smart and positioned it under the rocking chair and it got cracked open. That was long before I had kids though.