No Need For The Sunday Paper

Happy Easter!!!!

I know I will have like 3 readers today, because everyone will be out and about celebrating Easter, but I thought I would but out a few links for you just in case you happened upon my love little corner of the web today.

This is the Easter edition!

That Artist Woman: This salt dough beaded cross craft is so wonderful. They look just beautiful. I want to make one and I think we will next week during Spring Break. Found via Catholic Icing.

And speaking of Catholic Icing...Have you checked out all the Easter crafts she has gathered from around the web? Sooooo many and soooo creative!

Looking for some meaningful religious traditions for Easter? Impress Your Kids has some gems that are sure to get the conversation flowing. My favorite are the ressurrection rolls.

Last year we used our plastic eggs for a fun painting and stamping project.

And in case you missed my Easter DIY color-by-number coloring page post...be sure to check it out. It's a great last minute dinner table activity for kids!


Scripture For Easter Sunday

Matthew 21:33-45
(click on link)


  1. I found your blog this morning, thanks for the links

  2. ha ha 1 0f 3 readers =)

  3. Happy Easter. Thanks for the links!

  4. oh no. muffin tin monday is not up yet. you know i can't cope without it.

  5. just seeing this link! thanks so much for linking to us! :)