No Need For The Sunday Paper

There's really no need for the paper, when you can browse through these wonderful links. C'mon. Be inspired. Add a little creativity and sunshine to your day!

Here you go:

For the creative types and those that secretly long to be one (or the ones that just like to look at really pretty stuff):

Amanda Sarver: Amanda is a family friend and a super talented scrapbooker and card maker. She has a blog where she features the layouts, cards and paper crafting she does. One of my absolute favorite posts, is the Charger's Themed Birthday. Check it out! She made Jersey invitations.

Modern Crush: This charming blog features the talents of an uber-talented paper crown maker. She is much more than that however and you will see (via her stellar photography) once you visit her inpsiring site. Be sure to check out her incredible modern crush etsy shop where she sells her one of a kind handmade crowns that are every bit work of art as they are crown.

Creativity Prompt: All it took for me to discover this wonderful site was a tweet by miss Amy of Mod Podge Rocks. She tweeted yesterday about a free retro romantic printable and I knew I had to check it out. It's designed for scrapbooking, but I definitely can see this for organizing my crafting supplies and much more. Not only did I love that printable, but I also fell in love with her blog. Her mission? A blog designed to boost your creativty. Um, hello! That is so right up my alley.

Giver's Log: It was the week of free printables and new blogs for me this week. What I love about this blog is she combines her creativity with her generosity. Her blog is all about giving: Hence, the title. I could pour over her free printables for gifts all. day. long.

For Kids:

The Idea Room: Her kids rewards system based on points and a "home store" is so clever. I love that she rewards good behavior and choices with items she regularly purchases. You'll have to check it out to see what I mean.

We saw "How To Train Your Dragon" for Muffin Tin Boy's birthday and it is definitely worth seeing in the theater. So cute and funny for both kids and grown-ups alike.

*photo by jfgornet


Scripture For Sunday

I feel like I have been constantly repeating Ephesians 4:32 this week to my children. In a good way, whenever I hear the start of an argument or a tattling moment, I remind them to "be kind to one another". Kindness appears in the bible countless times and it is a character trait I hope to instill in my children to the Nth degree.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Isn't Amy great?

  2. Oh wow! How fun to see my name on your fun blog! Thanks so much for the kind words and the shout out!

  3. Woooo! Thanks for the mention! You are soooo sweet!

  4. Great links. I am going to spend LOTS of time on the Giver's Log now. Thank you for those! (Or maybe no thanks! I'll be up late now...)