No Need For The Sunday Paper

It happened again, I picked up the newspaper and it was doom and gloom, from page to page. Can you relate? Well, I have the perfect alternative. Links made to inspire, encourage and lift the spirits!

Here they are:

A Pocket Full of Buttons (pictured above): I love the  3D photo family tree craft that stephanie's daughter made. So super cute!

Paper Cakes Finds: "Your Daily Dose of Handmade Eye Candy" They. Aren't. Kidding. Oh, I could spend hours pouring over these links and photos!

The Lunch Punch: Eek! Double eek! These are so clever and take the sandwich punch to a whole new level!

Funny Days With Mommy and Maddie: I love love love Amanda's end of the year teacher gift: chalkboard painted terra cota potted palnts! Personalized, well made and kids can be an important part of the process!

Pretty Much I am dying for this Super Mario Bros/Princess Peach Birthday Party Idea Post from Chico and Jo. To say they went all out is an understatement. I can't decide waht is my favorite - the cake or wall decorations!

Reinvented: A great post on the Top 5 Budget Decor Rules. The patience one is always the hardest for me. :)


Scripture For Sunday comes in the form of these fantastic Godly Character Cards for kids by Sarah's Sweeties,found via  1+1=1 A great way for grown-up to focus on Godly character too.


  1. The sandwich cutters are SO cool! Dawson would love the airplane one, too cool!

  2. What a great idea! I feel the same way about the news ... i actually started a "news fast" because I was getting sorta stressed!

  3. LOL, I stopped by to see what your Sunday finds are..and I see me! Thank for the shout out :)