Orthopedic Cast Tatoo Art by Casttoo

When Muffin Tin Boy broke his elbow last week I knew I wanted to do something for him that would make having a cast a little bit easier to bear. Sharing it with family paid off! My brother-in-law discovered this amazing company! I knew when I saw it that this would be just the thing.

It's called Casttoo. 

Their mission is to provide "happy healing" to those who are mending a broken bone.Casttoo was created by the talented and adventurous Jessica Smith who herself had a broken bone from a bicycling accident and decided to share her passion for happy healing with the rest of us. She is accompanied by a rockin' staff that are all committed to the bringing a little more joy to bone break recovery.

Casttoo's are for everyone and easy to apply with a little heat. They come in a wide variety of options including asian dragons, rainbows, fairies, flowers, sports, unicorns, flames and you can even have a custom Casttoo made of the x-ray of your break!

The pricing is moderate and increases depending on the size of the Casttoo you want. Muffin Tin Boy received the small asian dragon (around $20). Totally worth the smile on his face from ear to ear when he saw it.

Their clever sizing chart made it easy to decide what size who fit a 5 year old boy...

And with step by step instructions that came with the Casttoo and available online, we were set!

Here's ours (He had his cast re-wrapped in blue):

I hadn't completely set it with the blow dryer, because I wanted to snap a photo while it was still light. He just loves it! 

**Disclosure: MT Boy and I did receive a Casttoo free of charge in order to write this review.


  1. What a great product!

  2. So cool! I hope he has a speedy recovery made much easier by his beautiful dragon! :)

  3. Rock on little dude! That is so cool!!!

  4. that's quite neat! also. while i like it... i hope i never have to buy it.

  5. Anonymous12:19 PM

    That is the coolest thing ever!

    Hope little guy is feeling better!