Stick Puppet Faces

We made stick puppet faces this week and had a blast! 

Here's waht you'll need:

  • Stick Faces (Ours are from Creatology, found at Michaels's Arts and Crafts)
  • Googlie Eyes
  • Yarn for the hair
  • Chenille pom-poms for the nose (super mini size)
  • Glue - regular school glue works great! 

I prepped all the pieces before the kids got involved. 
Assemble at will!
We then took our stick puppets and put on our very own puppet show. There was much silliness involved and it was so much fun!


  1. I love this idea, but I think we can use our popsicle sticks that we end up with after our sweet treats, trace then cut out circles for the faces. :) Love it... Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amy, I thought the same thing after we made them, I could have just made them with cardstock and popsicle sticks, but it was nice to have them already done! :)

  3. Super-duper cute!

  4. Thanks for sharing ... they turned otu very cute!

  5. this idea looks great and like loads of fun.. i dont have those stick puppets here in SA but im sure that can easily be created on the comp :)