Birthday Gift Idea – Create A Kid’s Art Box

create a crayola kids art box (2)


We love art around here. And when the kids and I went shopping for their cousin’s birthday yesterday, we had art on the brain!  So I decided to make up an art box and the kids loved the idea. I chose a low flat box for a couple reasons. 1) It was wide enough to accommodate a large 9x12 pad of drawing paper and 2) It would store easier and you wouldn’t have to dig through the box as much to find your supplies.


Here’s what we included:

  • Set of washable markers
  • 48 ct pack of crayons
  • Twistable Colored pencils (my kids new fave coloring tool)
  • No Drip Paint Brushes – my kids also love these-so much so that I have to be careful they don’t blow through and entire ream of paper)
  • Window Markers – for when you want to take your art vertical
  • Large Pad of Paper
  • *Bonus: Light sticks for 4th of July and bedtime impromptu night lights

create a kids art box


The box was purchased at Walmart and I love it because the side latch closed. And it is easy for kids to carry.


Total cost was around $26. Remove the light sticks and it was $23. Remove one of the coloring packs and it was $20. Not bad.


I did not plan for all the supplies to be Crayola brand! The kids picked the twistables colored pencils and we went from there. :)


  1. I started doing this with my nieces for Christmas. Its my standard gift. Each late summer, I ask my sister what she thinks the girls will need. Knowing then, I can watch for back-to-school sales. In addition to the usual things like crayons & coloring pencils, I get special crayons (like the special skin shade ones or the glitter ones), variety of papers (including basic white printer paper...can always find those for free during back-to-school), pom-poms, the squiggly eye thingys, glitter glue pens, etc. Plus I print off basic craft ideas from the computer, coloring pages, etc. The girls love it and look forward to seeing what new supplies I find and my sister loves that she doesn't have to buy many supplies the rest of the year.

  2. oooh. very good idea!

  3. I did this for a birthday gift in April. I added a few items that aren't your normal type of art supplies.

    I liked reading about your ideas too!

  4. What a great idea! I'd love giving and receiving a gift like this!

  5. super present!! love it--and I know tons of kiddos who would love it, too!

  6. Oh' cool gift ideas! I am sure my nephew will gonna love this. I just wonder how much is it? Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Looking forward for your next post. Keep posting!