Handprint Butterfly Craft

This simple handprint butterfly craft can be accomplished in one (or more if you have a toddler) sittings. It makes a great project for Spring or Summer and is perfect for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and even older children! You could make a family of butterflies, each member making their own hand print project

Here's what you'll need:
  • Tempera washable paint in any color (black also for the body)
  • Construction paper
  • Little hands, of course 

The short How To
Using a large paint brush, paint your child's hand (one at a time). Lay it flat on a piece of paper, the base of the palms touching (as shown in the photo). Paint a thine black line or small circles for the body.

Older kids might enjoy the 3 hand print version...

Some Very Helpful Tips:
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare!
  • Gather all your supplies before you begin. Lay down newspaper, cardboard, or a vinyl tablecloth.
  • Sponge brushes work great on little hands and cover a wider surface area in a short amount of time.
  • Tell your child what you will be doing ahead of time, using short clear specific directions.
  • Paint one hand at a time to minimize mess.
  • It is difficult to know, until you have done it, whether or not your child will sit long enough for you to paint his hand. Don't give up before you start. If you have a toddler or infant, try doing one hand print at a time a few hours or days apart.
  • Oh, and if you leave your child unsupervised with paint of any kind (even washable)....beware....

.Here is what my preschooler did all on his own (after we did it once). Using a smaller brush, he painted each part of his hand a different color and made his own body. Pretty sweet :)


  1. Super cute! We made a butterfly with Dawson's footprints but I haven't gotten around to posting it yet. *lol* Next time we're looking for something to do we'll try the handprint butterfly. :)

  2. Love this. C's school did the same concept for mother day but they used the kids feet..it is adorable :)

  3. An oldie but a goody! Thanks for the suggestion/ reminder! My girls will definately love this

  4. Ah ha! Love it! We will try this today!