Kids Perler Bead Art Work

perler beads kids art


We have a bucket of perler beads that gets toted to and fro, all over the house and with them to friend’s houses. We have even left said bucket with friends only to purchase a second bucket of perler beads after the muffin tin kids are sorely missing their beads.


In one day, I believe we made 10 different perler bead creations. hmmm…..What to do, what to do….cue light bulb overhead….I had several canvases I  had purchased when they were on sale for super cheap because, well, you never know when you are going to need a canvas, right? (that’s just me?)


I couldn’t bare the thought of their creations going to waste and I also couldn’t bare them getting lost among the hundreds or miscellaneous toys we have tossed in the kid’s toy box. So here’s what we did:


You’ll need a few things”

  • Decoupage glue of a glue gun.
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Paint brush we like the sponge kind)
  • Blank 8 1/2 x 11 canvas (comes in 3 pk from Michael’s crafts)
  • Perler bead creations ( ours were hearts and stars
  • ribbon (optional)


2010-06-21 11.42.27 Steps to get you there:

1. assmeble perler bead creations as desired. We love Fun fusion products found at Michael’s and online. Set aside.


2. Paint canvas desired color of acryllic paint. Let dry.

3. Using the decoupage glue (mod podge) or a glue gun, adhere to slather it on one side of the perler bead hearts and apply firmly and evenly to the painted canvas.


4. Apply consistent pressure to the heart to allow them to dry properly. I used glasses. Once dry, remove glasses.

2010-06-21 12.06.40

5. If desired, glue gun some ribbon to the top corners so you are able to hang it properly.


perler bead kids art 

Prefect! You would never know that my 5 and 6 year old made these!


  1. That is brilliant, and so cute!

  2. Those turned out really cute. How fun!

  3. Have you e-mailed out swap partners? I haven't received mine. (evenspor at gmail dot com)

  4. I love this! C would have a blast!

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