Muffin Tin Monday Swap 2010

I am so excited to announce the return of the Muffin Tin Monday Swap!

**THE SWAP IS NOW CLOSED, check back soon for the Post with all the participants swap packages!

Here are some of the fine details:

~The deadline to enter is June 18th. This is also the deadline to cancel.
~Anyone who committed to sending a package last time and did not send it, will not be able to participate this time around.

~To participate, you must send me (via email at vistamommy(at)yahoo(dot)com):

  • Your name
  • Your address 
  • Names (optional) and ages of your kids that will be enjoying the swap package, and 
  • brief Muffin Tin Meal "wish list". 
  • Your preferred shipping method (How packages can arrive the best. USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, etc.) 

You may also include the button above (linking back to either Muffin Tin Mom or this direct post. ) in your sidebar is you wish, but it is not required. If you are unsure of how to do this, email me.

~ You will receive an email by June 21st with your partner participant's info.

~You will then purchase Muffin Tin Meal accessories between $10-$20 + shipping for your partner. No more than that. I chose this amount because of the price of muffin tins. You do what you can afford. We all understand these hard economic times. Below I will give some suggestions for you to make it more cost effective. However, if you think you will not be able to afford it, then please to not sign up to participate...And that's okay, this is purely optional...If you think it might be more fun to just go buy yourself some new MTM supplies, then do that!

~You will have until Friday, July 9th to purchase/create your Muffin Tin Monday swap package and send it out! Special grace and consideration should be given to those who live/ship internationally. Package contents will include anything Muffin Tin Meal related: Muffin Tins, paper muffin/cupcake cups, shaped cookie cutters, party picks, etc.

~On a date yet to be determined, I will be doing a MTM Swap Feature where we can all link up and see each other's swap packages.

~This swap IS open to international participants. Please indicate if you would or would not be willing to ship internationally. You don't have to be willing to participate.

~You also do not need to have a blog to participate, just send me an email and I will connect you with another participant!

Sound like fun? Then shoot me an email!

Here are some ideas/ways to make your package more budget-friendly.
~Sometimes less is more. Think quality for less,
~Even before you know who your partner is, be scouring thrift stores and garage sales for muffin tins that are clean &a in good condition. They can be 12 or 6 cup (or whatever).
~Tooth picks cost about $1 and you can add super cute tags with a little paper and glue to the ends.
~Disposable muffin tins and cookie cutters also can be found at the dollar store.
~Michael's and Joann's both sell cookie & cake decorating supplies and both accept each other's 40% off coupons! I purchased my flower silicone muffin cups there for 40% off (of $9.99) at Michael's.
~Party Supply stores carry cute food picks and forks and much more.
~bento box supplies are also a great way to go-"google" bento box supplies to see what's out there-they have rice and egg molds, colorful paper muffin cups, and much more!

Oh, and if you leave a comment in this post, that is not considered entry to the swap, but it sure would be nice.

*portions of this post were reprinted from my swap post last year


  1. Oh yay! It's been several months since I've done a swap, and just yesterday I was thinking I'd like to do one again. And how much fun is an MTM. Will send email :-)

  2. =( Not this time. I really want to join in but our upcoming moving is stressing me out enough! Looking forward to the next one though!

  3. I'd love to join this but am not really keen on having to ship a parcel out to another continent, though I do love the idea of all that American stuff! Just shipping a parcel to the US would exceed the set budget, 24 dollars!

  4. Yay! Last swap was so much fun and I was recently hoping that you'd host another one soon. :)

  5. I emailed you...can't wait!

  6. Oooh, never mind my previous comment, I've just seen shipping is not included in the budget! *sets to writing her submission*

  7. What fun!! Thanks for organizing this. Can't wait to go shopping:)

  8. Wahoo I am so excited for this year!

  9. I am considering extending the amount of people who can enter....I already have 20 and it's only 8am!! YOu guys are crazy!

  10. I am so excited to join in this time! Yay!

  11. I hope I got in :S I tried last year but it was already cut off. Just sent an email :) I'd prefer not to ship internationally.

  12. I sent our email in - hope we made it in time =)

  13. I've emailed you, I hope I get in!

  14. hope my email made it

  15. Hopefully my email made it in time!! How exciting, this will be my first swap!

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  17. I might be too late, but I think I'm up for it. I have been so slack on MTN maybe this will get me back on track! :) Plus it's so fun to get goodies in the mail. ;)

  18. I'm late but if you need a extra...I'm so ready!!!

    I sent you an email!