No Need For The Sunday Paper

It's Sunday and let me tell you that yesterday's paper was torturous.  Mayem, I tell you. Mayhem. Is it me, or is the "news" becoming worse than fictional movies and TV? Well, I hope you find this week's links a little diverting.

Love love love this "junk food sushi" made by Blue Cricket Design and found via Tip Junkie

Check out the Father's Day printables from HP Creative Studio.

Learn some tips for crafting with polymer clay from Family Fun

Also from Family Fun and in this month's magazine issue: play Tic-tac-toe outdoors with this simple take on an old classic!


Psalm 46:1

God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble


  1. Too true about the news today. Is it just me, or do most modern news shows/publications deserve a PG-13 (if not R) rating?
    I look forward to your Sunday posts. Thanks!

  2. Agreed on tv and the news! My oldest loves Wheel of Fortune, but the commercials at that time of day are horrid!!!

    On a positive note, I <3 the outdoor tic tac toe - and I think I'll try to install one near one of our square foot garden plots!