Turn a Word Search Into An Alphabet Letter Recognition Activity

My soon-to-be kindergartener (can it be he is no longer in preschool?) loves to "do" word searches, however he isn't quite cognitively there yet. So I decided to turn his love for word searches into an age appropriate activity by having him search for all the same uppercase letters at a time.

In other words, I have him search for all the "A"'s then all the "B"'s, etc. After each letter, he counts them up and tallies them on the side. If he sees a word he recognizes that is bonus points!

This is great a great activity for on the go and when we go to restaurants and the little kids meal activity page has word searches.

We print our word searches on the  HP Photosmart Premium Touchsmart Web Printer I won last year, which has fantastic application based printables for kids of all ages (like the "avatar" word search from the nickelodeon app pictured above) and adults too - everything from coupons and printable calenders, to coloring pages and word searches and you don't even need a computer, just an internet connection. We love it!
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  1. This is a great idea. My 4-year-old has just started liking word searches and can do them as long as the words aren't diagonal, backwards or upside-down. He will love this!