Muffin Tin Swap 2010 - The Link Up!

It's time for the fabulous round up of muffin tin goodies from all of the swap participants from around the world! If you are participating in the swap and have not received your package yet, give it a few more days and then email me. For those of you that have received your swap package and want to blog about it and share, this is where you come to link up!

Here's how:
  • snap a photo of all the goodies you got
  • include the photo in a blog post
  • click on the "add your link" button to add the URL of the blog post (not your whole blog)

For those of you not participating in the swap, this is a great opportunity to get a look and all of the accessories, muffin tins, cups, food picks, etc. that are out there.

We received our package today!!! Muffin Tin Girl was so excited. I almost didn't get a photo of her opening it. Our partner was Faith and her family. Faith is new to MTM, it has been so nice to connect with and treat her to some goodies.

Look! The flower silicone muffin tin has been a long desired item. So excited to use it on monday!

In our swap package:
  • Wilton Silicone Muffin Tin (although it's not made out of tin :) )
  • Princess paper muffin cups with crown picks
  • All star paper cups with penant picks
  • mini flower shaped ice cube mold
  • Sesame Street Zoe paper cups
  • Wall-E paper cups (not pictured, because Muffin Tin Boy tore into them right away-see below)

What did you get? Share, share, share!


  1. YAY!! So much fun! I'm excited to have our family's first MTM in THREE days!!! :) Thank you for hosting!

  2. This was a lot of fun. I cannot wait for the next swap =D You got a lot of great stuff!

  3. I love the flower tin!! We got the princess and all star cups too!

  4. Glad you liked them :) I thought maybe the ice cube mold could be used for jello, yogurt pops, or even snack time :) My blog is written, and set to post on Monday. (I cheated this week :)) you can check it out at http://faithlarson.blogspot.com/

  5. Looks great! I discovered your blog just after the swap had been set up and closed so I am anxious to see all the goodies that people have out there...I'm such a newbie I never would have thought to use half that stuff!

  6. Thanks for hosting the swap! It was a lot of fun. We just got our package, so I will be posting about it soon.

  7. Thanks so much for hosting, it was a lot of fun!
    You got some great stuff...can't wait to see what creativities you come up w/ for Monday ;-)

  8. michelle now i am sad that i didn't participate this time around!
    Oh well maybe next time! Looks like it was loads of fun.

  9. That looks so much fun! I'm new to MTM! When is the next swap? I want to join in on the fun:)

  10. Homeschool Madness8:15 AM

    Hey, I haven't been able to link up for the last couple days. But we got our swap box too and it was awesome!