Baby Food Jar Preschooler Drinking Glass

I would love for my kids to start using big kid cups. Here is my problem. Either the plastic cups are too light and tip over at the lightest touch or the adult sized glasses are too heavy and cumbersome.

Enter the large baby food jars that my sister-in-law left at our house this week. I decided to try them out as little kid-sized juice cups. They work great!

Other little jars that work: dried beef jars, old canning jars for jam, old glade candle jars

What works for you?

How are (did) you make the transition from sippy to big kid cup?


  1. What a great idea! We still use straw cups (not quite 3 here). He's ok if I hand him a cup, to drink out of it, but then he just gestures or something and the juice goes flying. So if I give him a real glass I have to follow his arm movements like a maniac. I've been too lazy so far. :)

  2. We use dried beef gravy jars & some other similar jars (not sure what they had in them...I thrifted them).
    My 3.5 yo and 1.5 yo both do great with them (but aren't allowed to take them out of the kitchen usually like they can with sippy cups).
    I'm thinking of not even bothering with sippy cups for my baby. but we'll cross that bridge when he's older... right now he's only breastfed.

  3. you know I am a Montessori mom right?
    Ebi-kun has never had a sippy cup at the table (we only used one if we were out and about and then only one with a straw because of sippy cup syndrome) At home, from about 8mths he used an espresso cup, a proper one, not plastic. It is just the right size for a little one, to start with I would just put a tiny drop of liquid in it. By the time he was one he could use it quite well, of course we had spills but it is part of the learning process. When he was about 18mths I introduced a small jug an so he could pour his own milk into his cup, as before we started with just a little at a time, at the same stage I showed him how to clean up spills too.
    He has always used proper plates and dishes, not plastic ones, when he was about 2 he managed to knock one off the table and it broke, he sobbed and sobbed about it and has never broken anything since!

    The Montessori theory is that if you teach the child to care about their environment early on they will be more careful with things and that if you give the child the right sized equipment they are able, with practice to use it. Luckily in Japan there are a lot of small sake and tea cups and small plates (try Daiso) so it doesn't need to be the best china you give them. As he has grown I have given him slightly bigger cups.

    Sorry, this has turned into an essay lol.

  4. Shannon R6:01 AM

    We use the glass jars that Kraft refrigerated spreads come in (Old English, pimento, sharp cheddar, pineapple, etc.) They are the perfect size for little hands and are made of thick glass that doesn't break easily if dropped. My mom did the same when we were kids and STILL has those "glasses."

  5. Jojoebi...I don't know if you'll read this, but I didn't realize it was a Montessori concept. I did use sippy cups for a bit, but vary rarely. They made my oldest spit up because he was drinking in air. Even then sippy cups were only a transition from the bottle. I did use sippy cups with out the valve and they they were not allowed out of the kitchen. My youngest never really had a sippy...I was so done with washing them. My kids are 8,7,&5 and I let them use my good china for special dinners. We do use some plastic ikea bowls for snacks and things, and I like the plastic ikea cups too because then each kid has their own color. When we have guests over...I'm not washing a cup everytime someone wants a drink. They get their cup and I leave it on the counter. I bought LEGO coffee mugs that had names on them for my kid. We drink a lot of warm tea or cocoa in the winter. Those are pretty topple free. My kids love mugs.

  6. I let the boys drink out of regular cups whenever I can (they're almost 15 months). They arent bad, but still need some help.
    Nathan's favorite thing to do with a cup of water (or any beverage will do) is shove his hand into it and swish it around. So we make sure the cups arent very full.
    I dont mind cleaning up spills and since its mostly water, there is no staining issues.
    But, I have concrete floors and cups often go crashing to the floor. Because of this, we dont use glass cups. It's a safety thing, broken glass is hard to get all of and I dread the idea of cut little feet. So for now its plastic. Sippy cups or straw cups out and about, no lids when we're at home.

  7. We put a little sticker on the table to remind my 3 year-old where to put her "big kid cup" between sips so she'll be less likely to bump it or knock it over with her fork. It has helped a lot, but we still have a few "teachable moments" aka: spilled milk.

  8. I have old Welch's jelly jars that were meant to be kept as drinking glasses. I start them at about 12-15 months depending on the child and only put a tiny bit in to start. Gradually over time I will pour larger amounts in.

  9. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Our everyday china came with those littler coffee cups that we never used. My husband and I prefer bigger mugs for our occasional coffee and tea, but the smaller ones are perfect for the kids - heavy enough not to tip and with a handle. We also use mugs for soups and ice cream since they seem to hold just the right amount and make less mess.

  10. Love, Love this idea! Going to buy a couple tomorrow! I'm tired of the plastic cups tipping over and it's not their fault...and they feel so bad.