Muffin Tin Meal Supplies - Storage and Organization

Her is the bulk of my Muffin Tin Meal supplies and accessories. After 2 years, my collection of items has grown quite a bit and I was surprised after gathering it all in one place how much I have. Here's how I separate, store and organize everything. 

I separate the supplies into a several bins.
  • Large bin for paper muffin and food cups
  • Large bin for silicone muffin cups, rice molds, misc. items
  • Handled box for cookie, fondant, and vegetable cutters
  • I used a bead organizer to organize plastic pic
  • Small bin for wood picks/cupcake toppers
  • Small bin for seasonal items
6 and 12 cup tins (metal and silicone, are with my other cake pans. My cupboard space is super limited, so this is how I am storing everything for now.

I chose clear shallow plastic bins
 (Room Essentials brand from Target)

I turn them upside down so they are easier to see at a glance.

Here are some other great solutions from MTM readers and around the web. Because Muffin Tin Meals are so closely tied to Japanes Bento Box Meals, the tools and accessories used are similar:

What's For Lunch A Our House?: Shannon shares some great MTM organizational tips and photos. She is also a fantastic bento blogger. Here is a photo of her supplies. She uses shoe box sized containers. YOu can read more about how she organizes at her bento blog

A Pocket Full Of Buttons: I like what Stephanie did  (below) too. Her MTM/bento storage features a rolling cart. This is a great option if you are lacking in cupboard space, but have space in the corner of your kitchen.

One Little Word She Knew: I love how clean and neat Christy's MTM storage is, and she has labels and solutions for the storing the silicone 6 cup tins. 

Lunch In A Box: I am kind of digging how Biggie from Lunch in a Box used bins and stacked them in a bookcase that housed her cookbooks to store some of her bento supplies. I think it looks understated and part of the decor.

Flickr is also a great place to look for organizational inspiration.

Important Tips to remember:
Keep like items together. 
Organize by their purpose, color, or frequency of use.
Leave room for adding more as you go.
Take time every few months or as it becomes cluttered to reevaluate and reorganize.

One last thing: You don't need all this "stuff" to participate in Muffin Tin Monday or to make a Muffin Tin Meal.  But, I do want to help those out that have a bunch of MTM supplies.


  1. You have won an award! Please check out my site! Really, no foolin"

    Love the MTM, can't wait till next week,

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  2. I love seeing how everyone organizes their things :D We're doing a huge clean up and re-organization of the whole house right now so once the dust settles I am going to try to straighten out my supplies a little better. Thanks for the much needed inspiration!

  3. Hey there! I wanted to ask for some advice! We have always dont muffin tin mondays and now my son is going to school. I dont want to stop justbecause he cant take muffin tins. Do you know of any portable products that I could use?

    1. Hi! I don't know how old this post is from, but you can use a bento lunch box, it's very similar to the muffin tins and I actually think it's where the whole idea came from


  4. Thanks for the post. Using the organizer boxes for picks is a good idea.

  5. Awesome post and love how you stored the silicone tins upside down..totally get it. Thanks for the shout out too ;)

  6. Megan, they make tons of bento lunchboxes. Its got separate compartments for everything. I would suggest looking into something like that. http://www.goodbyn.com/goodbyn/features.aspx that one is pretty cool

  7. Megan: You could always do MTM for breakfast or dinner time! :D

  8. This is awesome! I've definitely been bitten by the bento bug and keeping all the tools handy and organized is proving to be a challenge! So many great ideas here....thanks!

  9. Such AWESOME ideas! I am new to MTM. I didn't participate last week since I had a nasty fall & is on crutches. Haven't been to a store in a week. Believe me its killing me.
    @Megan-my little one will be going to kinder soon, so I will mostly do MTM at dinnertime. So I can still participate. She never eats what we have for dinner anyways so I'll still be able to follow the theme.

  10. I linked to your post in my Bento Storage post! Thanks!


  11. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I love seeing these pictures! It's inspiring me to organize my kitchen and bento tools! I have been using a bento box that I got from a company called Laptop Lunches. It's been a wonderful and durable lunch box that's easy to use with bento dividers, cups, picks, etc...

    Here's the link for you and your readers:


    They also have great menu ideas.

    Thanks again for the pictures and inspiration!