Vons Home Grocery Delivery

It feels like just yesterday that my daughter, now 6 (and a half, she'd like you to know) was born. I remember being so tired that last trimester and for a brief few weeks I was laid up on bed rest. I had seen these grocery trucks driving by and heard about Vons.com and that you could order groceries online and have them delivered to your house. This sounded like the perfect option for me, as the thought of strolling down aisles of my local Vons grocery store for that week's sustinence seemd like a very daunting task at 8 months pregnant (I had cankles, people!)

I remember being so relieved when the man in the nice polo shirt showed up on my doorstep with arms full of groceries. I didn't have to set foot outside the house and I could rest my feet (erm, cankles) on a propped up pillow in peace.

As my daughter grew older and we added one more to make us a family of four, I looked forward to those lazy strolls down the aisles of my local grocery store, all by myself. I would pour over every item that slightly piqued my interest in hopes of prolonging my "alone time".

These days, I am thinking it would be nice to spend that time crafting, creating, spending time with Muffin Tin Dad or to catch up on blog reading.

So when I revisited Vons.com  recently (whose family of grocery stores include Vons, Safeway, Pavillions to find out if Vons.com serves your area visit the Vons.com FAQ page ) I was thrilled to see my old friend still there, ready to help me shop in the comfort of my own home (and my favorite black yoga pants).

Ordering your groceries online isn't difficult. In fact, Vons.com makes it easy with just a few clicks of the mouse.

I was able to set up an account (or in my case, re set up). Browse items by category or by aisle, shop any time day or night, schedule my groceries to be delivered as early as the next day (sometimes in less than 24 hrs) and pay for them all in a few simple steps.

Things I loved:

  • Shop at anytime, day or night. Seriously. I completed my order at midnight and had it in my hands at 1pm the next day.
  • Shopping by aisle. I could find items quickly, just like my local store 
  • Free shipping on my first order, and delivery as low as $6.95
  • Savings offered via the Vons Club Card are automatically included.
  • Saves your purchase history for a simplified online shopping experience the next time around
  • Order party platters from the Deli/Signature Cafe for your next birthday party, monday night football, or family get together and have it delivered right to your home!
  • Have the choice of accepting other brands or sizes in case the one you chose is not available

In the future, I 'd love to see the ability to use gift cards.

You don't have to be on bed rest or be home bound to enjoy all the benefits that Vons.com has to offer. However, I think Vons.com would be perfect for:

  • Expecting moms on bed rest
  • Working Parents
  • Stay-at-home parents with preschoolers and toddlers 
  • Those without a car
  • Senior Adults who are unable to go out
  • Busy professionals
  • Fantastic way to surprise a needy family with some much needed groceries

Would I shop Vons.com  again? Yes, absolutely.


The folks at Vons.com have graciously given me a promotional code to share with you: MUFFIN
Using the code MUFFIN at check out provides you with not only FREE SHIPPING but $7 off your first order of $50 at Vons.com

What about you? Would you use Home Grocery Delivery? Do grocers in your state offer something similar?

*Disclosure, I was given 2 Gift Cards in order to shop at Vons.com and share with you my experience. My opinions are my own and objective.


  1. Our grocery store in Washington offered home delivery and I seriously considered it after Maddie was born.

    Right after I gave birth hubby went out to sea for a few months and we lived in a third floor apartment. That's like the perfect storm with an newborn!

    I never actually did but I did consider it. I am too much of a shopaholic though. I NEED to grocery shop in person and pick every single thing out myself. hehe

  2. I use the Dutch equivalent of my favourite supermarket chain and absolutely LOVE it! I actually save money, as I can see all special offers and don't get tempted to buy stuff I don't need. The stuff I would otherwise buy extra is usually the unhealthy stuff, and with my meal all planned out I don't just save money, I eat healthier too.

  3. I have used it before, I wouldnt use it regularly as it gets me out of the house. HOWEVER it can a easy way to save money too. NO IMPULSE shopping! :) You make a list get what you need press send! Done, no ohh that looks good...oh looky that ;) so I found it saved money too!!

    We are looking into ordering for my grandmother from our local store here in Washington.

    Great article/post!