Wilton Wednesdays: After School Snack Idea

In today's Wilton Wednesday, I talk about afternoon (or after school) snacks and Wilton's new line of adorable paper muffin cups. Plus, you'll get to see me pause at the beginning to make sure the video was recording. Apparently I won't be getting rid of my vlogging newbie status off this week.

So fun!

For more Wilton products, be sure to visit Wilton.com

I love to use paper muffin cups for snacks and muffin tin meals. What do you use them for? What about crafts, or even their original purpose: muffins and cupcakes? Have a post share? Leave a comment!

Disclosure: Wilton provided me with the muffin liners in this post and video to share with you dear readers. My opinions are my own and are objective.


  1. Love those cups!! You did a great job, defiantly braver than I...lol

  2. love wilton wednesday.. clever idea

  3. I have never seen those muffin cups before- very cool! I love the snack idea. :)

  4. Watching your video with my (almost) 3 year old by my side. As you were talking she was shaking her head and saying "mmhmm" in total agreement with all of the uses for the cups ;) Looks like we'll be trying them :)

  5. Excellent idea! I have some of those cups and they do not work well for baking cupcakes :( I was so sad! Now I can repurpose what I have left! yay!

  6. I don't have any pics or a post about doing them, but I have made flowers out of muffin liners. You flatten them and poke a hole through the center. You can fold them and cut petals out, kind of like a snowflake, or leave as-is. A pipe cleaner stem through the hole and glue or tape on a cut-out shape to cover where the pipe cleaner shows on the front (and to make whatever the big round (usually yellow) part of a flower is called.) You can even add leaves, either by folding paper and cutting out both halves (leaving the crease intact) and folding over the pipe cleaner and gluing shut, or poking a hole through a cut-out leaf and inserting 'stem.'