Muffin Tin Meal - Fruit Kebabs

Muffin Tin Meals make fantastic and creative after school snacks. Even if your kids are in school all day, they can still come home to a little treat every now and then. Prep ahead of time and throw it together last minute. I tried to sneak a few bites of this and my sweet daughter would have none of it. inhaled the whole thing in a matter of minutes.

In this tin: Blueberry yogurt with sprinkles, crackers, cantaloupe and pineapple fruit kebabs, cheddar cheese squares, chocolate cookie, grapes and strawberry fruit kebabs

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  1. So fun! My son is only 7 months old so he's not ready for muffin tin meals yet but I love the ideas and I'm tucking them away for later :)
    We love anything in kabob form, this snack looks fantastic!

  2. I love the kebabs. What a great idea!