Dollar Store Homeschool Math Learning

My kids love learning activities. Maybe it's because I have done them with the kids since they were in preschool. Maybe it's because God created them that way. Either way, I love it. And although we don't homeschool (but clearly see it's many benefits), I like creating hands-on projects for them at home to reinforce early learning concepts.

We use simple items (often found in the craft box or around the home) for our learning activities like chenille pom poms, craft beads, etc. The Dollar Tree has some festive holiday table scatter that is perfect for learning activities! I drew up the templates with white paper and a marker and then the kids used the table scatter pieces to fill in the boxes with the right amount.

My 1st grader also insisted on coming up with the equations herself, so I left blanks where the numbers go:

 My kinder-gardener worked with counting and sorting.

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  1. Great idea! I think I'll try this.

  2. Love your site a lot, that you're now on mine! :)) Thanks for your ideas!

    <3 Rockabye Butterfly