Framed Vintage Magazine Cover

My grandmother bought me a subscription to Good Houskeeping for Christmas last year. And I have loved pouring over the pages of each monthly issue during my few chances to sit and relax. It was during one of those rare times that I happened to flip to a page in the May issue that read "Every month of our Anniversary year, we'll share one of our favorite vintage covers with you." 

You had me at vintage.

From then on, every month, I would search immediately for the vintage cover. I was able after a few months to surmise that the vintage cover was always placed after page 100 and somewhere around the cover story. I would find it, drool over it and save the issue.

I had a plan.

 I have loved all things vintage for a very long time. And I knew I wanted to save each issue and then frame them to hang in my home. It would be a fantastic and inexpensive way to preserve them and I didn't have to go out and purchase a framed print for hundreds of dollars. I started with a $5 frame.

Then  it was bye bye, Michelle Obama ( a recent cover feature)

and hello vintage!

the cover just barely fits inside an 8x10 mat. 

One word of advice, tear out the page very carefully.


  1. love this! and the end result looks so great!

  2. I love that. What an awesome idea. I think I could do that with my husband's Esquire covers, no?

  3. Love this idea! My mom gets good housekeeping. I'm going to ask her if she has them all.

  4. Really cute! You should try distressing the frame, maybe it will enhance the vintageness.

  5. I love this! What a great idea!