Muffin Tin Meals: Add a some color to your child's diet

The same food, shared two different ways in a muffin tin meal:

lunch time...

snack time...

After seeing my tins, I realized that most kids aren't going to eat orange bell peppers in that large of a quantity.

Tips for getting your kids to eat more veggies without sneaking it into their food:

  • Start small, offer small bite sized portions, so they aren't so turned off (something I did not do today)
  • Cut it into cute shapes: there are a wide variety of cookie cutters that you can use to make it look a little more appetizing
  • A little dip goes a long way. Offering small portions of ranch dressing, hummus, peanut butter, or your own healthy option is a great way to ease kids into veggies.
  • Keep trying. Research has shown that it can take kids up to 10 tries to "like" a food. Also, re-introducing when their older is important as their taste buds and preferences may have changed.
In today's muffin tin meals: 
  • lunch time: Heart shaped whole wheat sandwiches, cheese circle, orange bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, ranch dressing 
  • snack time: orange bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, ranch dressing
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What other tips do you have?


  1. Great post! I have one little guy who has become overly picky! I like the tips you gave, thanks! I also like how the orange and white look, really cute.

  2. I'm the last one who should be giving advice because my son is not a very good veggie eater (except broccoli, if you can believe that). But I do have occasional success by saying what a vegetable is good for - I can always get him to eat a few bites of carrots by explaining that he should just have a few bites because carrots will help him to see better.

  3. Love this idea! As my 11 month old son gets older I will join in on the Muffin Tin Monday Fun! But for not, I am a new follower! :)

  4. I love this! I've seen it before but forgot about it. I'm going to have to try it at my house.

    I'm a new follower - I found you from Emma's Lunch blog.

    Tamara from
    a southerner, a yankee and a mixed breed (or two!)

  5. Another tip to get them to eat veggies is to give it fancy names. X-Ray Vision carrots and Dinosaur Trees get eaten more than carrots and broccoli.

    Also, if you can believe it, kids who watch the Popeye cartoons eat more spinach than kids who don't watch!

    Always have a veggie option on their plate, even in they don't eat it. Our rule is we don't get dessert until everyone's done eating. If you leave, you're done, no dessert. So she sits there with her food in front of her while we draaag out our meal, and ends up eating more of her veggies while she waits.
    For those kids who flip out if something unacceptable is on their plate, start slow. Put 1 baby carrot, say, on their plate. Tell them that they don't have to eat it, but if they throw it, they're done and their food will be taken. THEY WILL NOT STARVE TO DEATH. They might go to bed hungry THAT night, though. You can also start with a second plate in front of them that they can place undesired foods onto.

  6. Serving veggies up BEFORE dinner (or lunch,) when they're hungry, also tends to lead to more veggie eating. After they've filled up on pizza or spaghetti or nuggets, there's less room for veggies.

    Only let them snack on veggies and fruits. No chips, crackers, cookies, candy, PBJs, etc between meals. Save the treats for after meals.

    Depending on your parenting style and their temperament, you can implement a 'No Thank You Bites' policy. They have to take 1 bite per year of age before they can say "No thank you" to a new food or food on their plate.

    And Harvey Karp (I think) recommends a 10% negotiation. Give them 10 times more than what you'll settle for, then let them haggle you down to the acceptable 10%. So Tell them they need to eat 10 spoonfuls of peas before they can leave the table. Then when they say no, tell them 5. Okay, okay. One. Just ONE bite! They feel like they've won.

  7. Well, I think my son would eat all of those peppers... and then ask for more! It's one of the only vegetables he will eat right now. Peppers and salads. He doesn't like any cooked vegetables. I figure, he's 2, he'll get over it.. at least he's eating vegetables. BUT I do still offer him vegetables at every meal.
    AND I just started doing muffin tins, which have helped with his pickiness SO MUCH. I haven't posted any because they turn out pretty ugly (generally). I guess my gift is not in food creation... but he likes them!

  8. What a great idea. It makes me want to eat more vegetables as well.