Post-its + Sharpie = Help My Children Put Away Their Own Clothes

Recently, after spending a good portion of my day doing copious amounts laundry, I devised a simple, yet effective way to get my kids to put away the stacks of freshly clean clothes. Armed with a stack of post-its and a black sharpie pen, I labeled each dresser drawer with the corresponding clothes item (and I drew a little picture to go with each word).

Here's why it works:

  • My kids learn independence
  • Helps hone their sorting skills
  • Helps my new reader learn words
  • Helps my emerging reader with letter recognition
  • Post-its are temporary-perfect for dresser drawers that always seem to be in transition
  • They know where every clothes item is and where it goes
  • One item off my to-do list
  • My kids love it!


  1. Cute idea, Michelle. I may have to borrow it - my little guy begs to help, but always puts it in the wrong place or all in one drawer. I hate to discourage the help, so this may be a fun solution.

  2. I need this for my Husband!!!!

  3. Great idea!

    And too funny about the "needing it for hubby" comment. SO true!

  4. This is a fantastic idea. I am going to do this right now!

  5. Hmm, this might actually work for mine.

  6. Love this! Not so much for my girls but more for my hubby. Maybe things will end up where they are supposed too...lol

  7. i just purchased white knobs to paint on... for this same purpose.. I was going to draw socks... undies.. so funny... great minds are always thinking alike

  8. This is so funny! I did the same thing last weekend. I was clearing out the summer clothes and organizing the winter clothes and decided to label the drawers while I was at it :)

  9. Love this! I'll remember when it's time. :)

  10. There is a company out there that makes labels for drawers for exactly this purpose. I just came across them while looking for xmas ideas for my kiddos and thought they were so cute. They'd make a cute gift! If you're interested, I could try to remember where I found them!