Homemade Holiday Christmas Gift Card Holder Kids Can Make

Allow children to be a part of every aspect of the holiday gift giving. Parents can help them decorate a gift card holder or make it into a homemade Christmas card for grandparents, family, teachers and neighbors. These ideas work grea for preschool and early elementary age kids, but can be altered to fit any age child.

 Christmas Tree Gift Card Holder:
Dip a Christmas tree cookie cutter in green paint and have your child "stamp" a card, let dry, then dab on glitter glue for ornaments. Adhere to 4x5 inch piece of construction paper. Also optional: while the paint is still wet, sprinkle with green glitter.

Hanukkah Money Card Holder:
Hole punch the outer edges of a piece of card stock and have your child lace blue yarn through the holes. Tie twice at the ends. Adhere to a 4x5 piece of contruction paper or cardstock. Have them write, draw or color a special Hanukkah message!

To make a 4x5 gift card holder:

  • Cut a piece of 12x12 cardstock down to 5x12 inces. 
  • Then "Score" the paper every 4 inches to make a "tri-fold" card Cut off one side, set aside.
  • Now you should have a small 4x5 card. 
  • Take the set aside piece and  cut it half to make a 2/12x 4 inch piece. 
  • Glue it to the inside of the card to make a "pocket for the gift card or money. 
  • Adhere child's artwork to the outside from of the card using adhesive. 

*Using an acid free pen, be sure to add the date and the name of your child for keepsake purposes. :)


  1. Aww, these are great! Did your kids enjoy making these? I don't have any children yet but I know some kids at my church and my little cousin would love making these. Great idea!

  2. They turned out great! :) WOuld you like to link this to our Christmas linky: http://tinyurl.com/3yyupl2 :)