Help The Hamernicks Adopt Claire - Free Hand Drawn Coloring Book Printable

I am reaching out to you my dear readers because I know that you are just like me - compassionate and caring and ready to help those in need. I am honored to share the adoption journey of sweet little Claire.

Claire is currently in an orphanage in Eastern Europe and is awaiting adoption by the Hamernick family with the help of adoption advocates Reece's Rainbow, a non-profit organization that helps connects loving families with special needs children. Here is a bit more information I would like to share:

Harry and Kate Hamernik have two children, one biological daughter and one son, adopted from Russia.  Both children are four years old and are so excited to have a to love!  Harry and Kate know how blessed they are to have two very healthy children and specifically requested a child that would have a harder time being placed in a family based on some physical and special need.

Little Claire is a perfectly healthy two year old, but for some reason God gave her a few less fingers and toes. They are so excited to bring her home! While they can provide a wonderful life for her the cost of legal and travel fees for an inter-country adoption can be overwhelming. They will need to travel for several weeks to bring their little girl home.This is simply the only way, while it is not a fancy trip it is very expensive. Harry and Kate consider adoption as an opportunity to not only grow their family but also to provide a child with a family that will love her completely (every child deserves a family right?) They plan on traveling Spring 2011! The Hamernicks would be so grateful for any amount you can spare towards helping them offset the huge (somewhere near $25,000) costs of bringing Claire home. They still have $10,000 of this amount to raise.

Harry is a talented illustrator, cartoonist and author of several "how to" books on drawing. He has graciously lended his talents to two FREE PRINTABLE COLORING BOOKS available to those who make a $5.00 donation to the Hamernick Adoption Fund. SO what are you waiting for? Help a family in need with a small donation and receive this wonderful hand drawn printable coloring book as the Hamernick's thank you for your generosity and kindness. You get your choice between an Alphabet Coloring Book and a Numbers 1-10 coloring book. They are filled with uniquely fun images! You may choose 1 for $5 or both for $10. Oh, and clicking on the images will not download the coloring book, you must go through pay pal.

Choose your Coloring Book

The Details:
PLEASE PROVIDE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS in the notes/comments section. Once you have made your donation, I will receive it via email and then send you your choice of pdf files. All proceeds from the sale of these coloring books goes towards helping sponsor sweet Claire.To make a donation directly to the Hamernick family without receiving a coloring book or to make and additional donation of a higher amount, please visit Reece's Rainbow. This is purely a gift to the Hamernicks. I make no money from offering this to you.

You can also follow their adoption journey to Claire at http://www.LittleSisterClaire.blogspot.com

The Hamernicks are friends and Kate is a fellow blogger. Please, please, please consider helping sponsor little Claire. This family is ready with open arms to bring her home.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! What a great cause -- I'm buying two coloring books :) The world needs more Mamas like Kate willing to adopt kids in need and give them a great home and all the love they could wish for!

  2. I also bought both coloring books...a small gesture for such a wonderful cause. I wish all the best for this sweet girl and her new family!

  3. Awesome story. Off to buy a book.