A Little Humor

While watching the commercial for "Perfect Abs"

Muffin Tin Boy: Do we need that? Can we get that?

Daddy: No, we don't need that.

Muffin Tin Boy: Why? Is it for fat people?

Daddy: Yeah, I guess it's for fat people.

Muffin Tin Boy: Well...Mommys fat.

Later I asked how he knew I was fat and he pointed to my tummy.

Good times. 


  1. i feel your pain! my six year old daughter lets me know "you're skinny everywhere, mom.. except your stomach... oh and your butt... and and your boobs, too." :/

    also, i am ugly because i am not a blonde. haha. kids!!

  2. My daughter told me she loves me just the way I am and that I don't need to lose weight, besides she said, you make a great pillow to snuggle with on the couch!

  3. I know how you feel! One day my daughter asked me if I went to the gym. I asked her if she had ever seen me get ready to go to the gym. She said no and then got very quiet and poked my stomach then told me I should probably start going to the gym. Gotta love kids honesty! LOL!

  4. LOL! Love kid honesty :)

  5. When my daughter was 3 or 4 she was in the shower with me and she said "You have chubby legs mommy" as she slapped my thigh.

  6. Love how kids have no filters...lol

  7. Anonymous11:50 AM

    A few weeks after I had my daughter, I took her in to meet my Kindergarten class. One of the boys asked me if this was the baby that was in my tummy. I said yes, and he said "Okay, then why are you still so fat?"(!!!) My daughter (now 5) keeps asking me if there is a baby in my tummy. Ha! I guess it's time to hit the gym!