The Boy Loves Science

Every Wednesday, Muffin Tin Boy brings home a library book. For the past eight weeks in a row, it has been science related.

What are your kids reading these days?


  1. For my son it's Arthur, EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!!

  2. For my oldest daughter it's anything about fairies or horses.

  3. Cars ...anything about the movie Cars is all my son will let me read these days. And that's okay because he's only 3.

    My daughter will request anything from Tinker Bell, Disney Princess books, Fancy Nancy, Dr Seuss, etc......everything and that's great because she's only 5~

  4. For my teenager, it's anything to do with adventure, and series books.
    My second-grader likes Magic School Bus books and mysteries.
    My five-year-old likes books about science and animals, and my three-year-old likes just about anything she can pull off the library shelves. :)