Muffin Tin Monday - Valentine's Day

Welcome to Muffin Tin Monday. Today is Valentine's Day and you would think it's Christmas what with all the anticipation. The kids have been cheerily counting down to today's festivities and I for one couldn't love it more.

Here is the love-ly Valentine's Day themed MTM I made.

In this "tin": Strawberry yogurt, with heart shaped sprinkles, craisins, heart-shaped toast, bananas with heart shaped picks.

Heart shaped cups are made by Wilton. :)

Now it's your turn. Did you make a Muffin TIn Meal? Won't you share it with us? Click on the blue "add your link" button to submit your blog post or photo.


  1. The heart shaped picks and great foods look wonderful.

  2. We have the same cups and use them daily:)


  3. I've been following for awhile and am just linking up for the first time. Thanks for the inspiration! BTW, LOVE those heart picks!!!

  4. I love this idea. I'm going to have to try it for my daughter!

  5. THe HOt hearts seen in many of todays posts are from Family Fun Magazine.