Panera Bread: A Passion For Baking

If you have ever made bread, you know that kneading the dough is a vital step in the process. The harder you knead the dough, the better  the texture.  I have been thinking about this concept - baking bread - and how it applies to life.

In the hands of the Baker, dough is kneaded, shaped, molded, given time to rest and rise and finally sent into the heat of the oven. Without all those steps however, without the kneading, and shaping, and the application of heat - the loaf of bread will never turn out right, It will just be a flat, lifeless, burnt and crusty mess. Sometimes, I can feel deeply worked over, flipped upside down and all around by life. But in the end, I find that it's a necessary  part of my process.

But when it's right, a good loaf of bread is full of flavor and ready to be shared. This rightness, this process that turns out a delicious product, is what Panera Bread is all about. They have a whole section of their website devoted to sharing their passion for bread called The Baker's Table.

And the more I have been researching Panera Bread for this post, the more respect I have for this company. They tell a story with their baking. They savor and celebrate the process as much as the product. Panera Bread's commitment to fresh ingredients and incorporating healthier choices to their menu is something I appreciate, respect and admire and both consumer and advocate.

For more on Panera Bread, including where to find your nearest location, be sure to visit www.panerabread.com

One of my favorite parts when learning about bread baking is when they talk about in the "Fresh Ingredients" video about the baker setting aside the dough to rest and rise for a day. When was the last time you took a day to "rest and rise"?

 I was compensated by Panera for this post, which makes it advertorial content and not a review. But I think Panera is a company worth promoting and putting my influence behind and can't recommend it enough. I am among a group of bloggers who are taking part in a 3 month promotion for Panera Bread and will be getting to share more delicious goodness with you.


  1. I just went to Panera the other day and signed up for their new promo card. There's one down the street from me so I'll be going there more often now that I can earn rewards each time I go!

  2. I used to work for one of Panera's franchises. And I have to tell you, from an insider's perspective (albeit, the perspective is a few years old), you're right.

    Panera is a stand up company. Not only are they passionate about their art and the food they make/sell, they are also very active in their communities.

    The franchise I worked for was extremely passionate about breast cancer, before it was en vogue to support the breast cancer cause.

    Even though it's been years since I worked there, and I live miles away from where I used to work, I still feel very much at home whenever I step into one of their bakery-cafes.

  3. Rumor is that a Panera will be opening in La Jolla Village, sure hope that is true. I always enjoyed eating at them when we lived in Atlanta, but don't have one close to me here.

  4. I heard our Panera is coming to the same building at Mike's. Wherever, I can't wait! I also appreciate that you can order a healthy kids meal there. No fries, chicken fingers or other junk. LJ Girl gets a mango smoothie and a kids turkey sandwich. She happily eats the entire thing.

  5. I go to Panera several times a week to write. I've loved this company a long time. I really think they get it right. Every franchise I visit has friendly staff and great food.

    I JUST recently saw the message they have in their window about the founder and I was so touched.

  6. I remember when I was first introduced to Panera Bread. My friend was getting married and we had these delicious bagels and cream cheese for breakfast.... I had to have another before we left town. I couldn't believe we had one in San Diego and I hadn't heard about it. This was back in 2005 and ever since it has been one of my "comfort" places. I fell in love with it so rapidly that I even investigated the cost to franchise one, but you have to have quite the investment capital haha! So, I'm happy to be a regular customer and enjoy their delish bread and other goodness. Sondra, I'll have to look into that reward program! Good tip!

  7. YUM! You're making me miss bread, and I rarely do that (I have Celiac). There's a Panera Bread just down the street from us and I regularly stop for coffee and a treat for the kids. I agree - great place.

  8. We have few places in Coronado I would consider as offering home-cooked food, and Panera is one of them.
    I never feel guilty after having a meal there. Plus, the staff is always great and helpful.
    Great post! And now I'm off to have one their delicious egg and cheese suffles. Yum!