Make Your Own "Lunchable"

My kids love Lunchables. I think for the very same reason they love Muffin Tin Meals. Cute little compartments for little food. But, I die a slow death every time I purchase one, because lets face it, "processed" doesn't even begin to describe what's in "cheese food product".

So when Muffin Tin Girl wanted a Lunchable for a snack yesterday, using our Easy Lunchbox, I was able to create a DIY version at home. However, for the homemade version to pass off as the real thing, I knew I would have to present the bread, cheese and meat creatively by cutting it into circles and lining up the deli meat on food picks.

Worked wonderfully! And I was able to control the quality and quantity of the food in her homemade Lunchable. Something this mom likes very much.

**Update: If any of you clicked the link above and got an affiliate signup screen-I am soooo sorry! I have updated it to the correct non-affiliate link!


  1. I think I like this kind better.

  2. i JUST looked at the lunchables at the store yesterday trying to decide how i could make them at home!!

  3. Just came by to say I love to read your site! I don't have kids at home but have grandkids. Love the pink pancakes and am sending my readers over. You are very creative!
    God bless you!

  4. That is what we had for lunch yesterday too. Only my homemade version was not as cute as yours.

  5. I would actually eat this kind! LOL. Super cute. I'm totally going to copy when my EasyLunchBoxes arrive. Just ordered some for myself. Hooray!

  6. We love lunchables too but this looks way better!!