Muffin Cup Snack: Mini Marshmallow Dippers

Give snack time or anytime a little kick with mini marshmallow dippers. This Muffin Tin Snack is sure to please.

You'll need:
~Silicone Muffin Cups (Ours are from World Market)
~Toothpicks (or your favorite food picks)
~ Mini Marshmallows
~Chocolate and Caramel Sauce
~Sprinkles or Jimmies

Optional: Marshmallow Feeding Device 

Completely his idea...

Landing directly in the sauce scored 2 points

*Tip: Substitute apples, strawberries or bananas for the marshmallows, Yogurt instead of sauce, and granola instead of sprinkles!

*Thanks Stephanie for the adorable muffin cups, I love them!


  1. so fun! will have to pull this one out for my kids next time we have a rainy/snowy day... like tomorrow!

  2. Wow MTB is so creative, love his marshmallow contraption...lol

  3. You sold me with the healthier options at the bottom! I like the marshmallows for an after dinner treat, and the fruit/yogurt idea for an after school snack. Now all I need are those super cool stars.

  4. Very cute idea, I will have to try this for my little one. Btw I am also a cancer survivor, God is good.