Muffin Cup Snack: Rainbow Baby Chick Feet

Spring time has officially sprung and we are celebrating with these adorable baby chick feet muffin cups in rainbow colors. Ours are from Ross Stores (An inexpensive place to find super cute Muffin Tin Meal accessories). The Orange one reminds me of the movie Ponyo. :)

We had: 
Hard boiled egg, fresh diced nectarines, flower shaped green apples, and tangerine slices.

This is how they came in the package...

I was unable to find these exact ones online (they may have been discontinued), but I did find ones similar in red on Amazon and the vegetable cutters I used to cut the flowers out of the apples:

How are you celebrating Spring?


  1. Oh my, they are adorable!

  2. Looks yummy and very colorful. We haven't used out chick feet yet..guess I should get on that...lol

  3. too cute, love your ideas!

  4. Wow. I'm new to your blog so have probably missed it but how do you cut those apple flowers? Obviously a cookie cutter but how do you cut the actual apple?

  5. I love these Muffin Tin Monday ideas!

  6. I've also found those chicken feet cups at Marshall's and TJ Maxx