Muffin Tin Monday: Green Food Themed Muffin Tin Meal

Welcome to Muffin Tin Monday! The weekly Muffin Tin Mom reader showcase of Muffin Tin Meals from across the web.
St. Patrick's Day is almost upon us and serving your growing child green foods are a healthy and fantastic way to celebrate the popular Spring holiday. And maybe, just maybe those of you who have little ones who won't touch anything green will find a new green food they are willing to try!

In our tin:
Celery slices (Cut long and thin like french fries)
Ranch Dressing (Colored green, kind of regretting that choice)
Fresh Broccoli (A family staple around here)
Crisp Green Apples
M & M's 

Tools Used: 
Green muffin cup inserts - Calphalon (discontinued)
Little Fork/Spoon from AllThingsForSale.com

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  2. LOVE IT! Great idea! Nice touch on the green ranch.

  3. All the green looks wonderful!

  4. Very pretty! Green is my favorite color. :)

  5. love this! your ideas are always so inspired! happy (almost) spring and st patrick's day!

  6. I think the green ranch dressing was a great idea. For our green tin though I used the avocado and mashed it for dip. Should have thought of green dressing. They love ranch. Love your tin.

  7. love your blog, it's so cute! Will have to try this one as soon as I go supply shopping! I'm a SAHM w/ 3 little girls who go nuts over stuff like this!

  8. Great to see so many St Patrick's Day themed meals!

    Happy St Patrick's Day from N Ireland.

  9. there's a creamy lime cilantro ranch dressing recipe out there that makes Ranch green and super yummy. You puree two tomatillos, a jalapeno (without seeds to make it mild), and cilantro and then squeeze in some lime and add that to the ranch.

    I am totally going to try this to see if my kids will try it!

  10. Perfect tin for encouraging eating those green veggies on a green holiday!