Panera Bread: My Favorite "Me" Spot

I have really enjoyed getting to share with you about Panera Bread and their deliciousness. I would like to be able to tell you that I branched out and tried different things on the menu. But, I am somewhat a creature of habit. I know what I like, what make my tummy smile....

and the French Toast Bagel with Cream Cheese and A Caramel Latte is it. I've had it 3 times. In. A. Row. 

I mean just look at it. You get the option of a to-go cup or this....I choose this. The super mega awesome ceramic "sit-and-stay-awhile-chat-with-a-friend" cup. 

Sometimes I branch out and get the Chai Latte...It's good too. 

Panera is fast becoming my "me" spot. My spot to chat with friends. My spot, when someone says "Let's get some coffee" to chime in with "Let's get Panera." My spot to just be.....alone if I want to....I never feel rushed. And there is never a shortage of seats for my morning "me" time (I'm talking to you Starbucks).

Oh and Delilah, you make my Panera experience even more enjoyable. You are friendly, personable, helpful. Thank you for your smile. It's contagious. 

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 I was compensated by Panera for this post, which makes it advertorial content and not a review.I was also given $20 Panera gift card towards my purchases. But I think Panera is a company worth promoting and putting my influence behind and can't recommend it enough. I am among a group of bloggers who are taking part in a 3 month promotion for Panera Bread. This is my last post for this campaign. If you catch me talking about Panera again, it may or may not be compensated. It will always be honest.


  1. If only you lived closer we could be best friends. I <3 french toasts bagels more than anything. (stupid GD has kept me from enjoying any since December, blah!) Ahh now I am picturing myself with baby Zoey in tow hanging at Panera after we drop Maddie off at school in the fall.... wait where am I?

  2. i heart panera!
    so sad we dont have one in our little town.

    ps. you should totally try the cinnamon crunch bagel!

  3. Ok, now I need a Carmel Latte...thank you very much!!! Ha! I do love Panera :)

  4. Their b-fast quiches are awesome and the lunch sami's...man now i'm hungry!

  5. *sigh* I am now craving Panera. They are fabulous.

  6. Oh the French Toast bagel is HEAVEN!!!

  7. The french toast bagels are amazing! And surprisingly good as a breakfast sandwich, too. I don't usually mix my savories and sweets, but it totally works. And of course, now I'm craving Panera...

  8. Mmmmmmm.....I love Panera Bread! The latte's look amazing! Besides the bagels we love to eat the broccoli cheese soup with extra french bread.