Muffin Tin Monday

Welcome to another lovely edition of Muffn Tin Monday! This is the weekly blog carnival that celebrates all things Muffin Tin Meal and it is the blog carnival that "started it all".  To read up more on Muffin Tin Monday and Muffin Tin Meals be sure to check out the FAQ page.

In this muffin tin: Orange slices with fruit leather hearts, turkey and cheese sandwich stackers, ritz crackers, banana slices, hard boiled egg, heart shaped apple slices

To participate, click the blue "add your link button" and it will prompt you to add your blog post or photo URL.

Can't wait to see what everyone does!


  1. What a "love"ly tin!

  2. Cute hearts! Love your tin! Hope your move is going well and that you get settled quickly.

  3. I just love those apple hearts. Do you freehand cut them or use a shaped cutter?

    As always, thanks for hosting and for the inspiration!

  4. I don't participate much (as our tins are really gross looking) but I have been following MTMs for years!! Anyhoo, your weekly link-up would be a perfect fit in the contest that Kenmore has. They are asking for tips on how to get kids to like meals. Winner gets $3000 worth of new appliances!! Let me know if you join in the fun so I can vote for your tins!