Muffin Tin Monday

Happy Muffin Tin Monday, friends! Welcome to the blog link-up Muffin Tin Monday. I don't know about you, but since it's inception, I have looked forward to Mondays. Whether you have a child who finds eating cucumbers a challenge or one who loves broccoli, Muffin Tin Meals are sure to change up the normal everyday sandwich routine. Try it for a snack, lunch, dinner and even dessert!

I continue to enjoy getting my new home in order. It is proving to take longer than I thought. Go figure. :) One of my favorite things to pull out this week has been my vintage linen. I have a beautiful lavender linen tablecloth and four matching cloth napkins.

Here is our yogurt and toppings MTM. It's probably one of my daughter's favorite Muffin Tin Meals to have of all time. And our thrift shop find of a muffin pan, which is actually a butter shaper put out by "Promise"!

If you care to do a theme this week, May's theme suggestion is flowers, plants and trees. Share your latest MTM creation by clicking on the blue "Add Your Link" button below.


  1. Yummy yogurt tin, maybe my girls will like yogurt better with some toppings. Love the heart "tin." Great find!

  2. This looks like fun!