Muffin Tin Monday - Muffin Tins Are For Sharing

Happy Muffin Tin Monday! Welcome to the blog link up Muffin Tin Monday. A huge welcome to all of our new participants and readers. I am so excited to have you joining in!

We enjoyed sharing this muffin tin snack over the weekend. I love putting the same foods in multiple cups, perfect for sharing and snacking. 

grapes, strawberries, organic puffed corn snacks, organic tortilla chips


  1. What great snacks! I love the progression of colors!

  2. Your snap looks good. I often forget about doing snacks, as we don't usually snack between meals at our place. But with summer and lots of running around and exercise, I should probably make a few to refuel little one's energy.

  3. I'd love that as a snack