Muffin Tin Monday: Organic Monday

 Welcome to Muffin Tin Monday! I am excited about this week's tin. We are making baby steps towards eating organic foods. We have already purchased organic grass fed meat, and organic fruits and veggies. I am not sure we will be able to go 100% organic. But at least at home, we are striving for as much organic as financially possible.

Can I just say that eating organic is not as easy as it seems? It's not just a choice. Between finding affordable organic produce and meat and resisting too-good-to-pass-up sales,...I need some serious guidance. Do you eat organic? How have you been able to affordability feed your family? Have any suggestions?

In this tin: organic rice chips, cheddar cheese slices, more rice chips, stonyfield organic vanilla yogurt, green grapes, organic white pears, organic blueberries, white peaches, canteloupe

Now it's your turn!!!


  1. It isn't easy, you are right. We try to eat organic as much as we can (and can afford to) but some times it is more of a challenge than others.

    From the looks of your tin, you've done a great job! Looks delicious!

  2. Looks delicious.Eating organic can be wicked expensive. I spend most my money first on organic meats, eggs and dairy b/c of the hormones, antibiotics, feed, ect.. then I will buy my fruits and veggies as I can.

  3. We try to eat organic as well, but it really is not easy! With our large family, the cost is quite expensive!

    Your tin looks so good!

  4. We eat as organically as possible but it's not always 100% of the things we buy. For fruits and veggies I find the cheapest and best place to buy, especially this time of year, is our local farmer's market. Not all the vendors are organic but many are and we get fresh local produce for better than store prices

  5. I follow a clean 15 and dirty dozen list when purchasing produce because it can be soooo expensive to get everything organic! Sometimes joining a CSA that is all organic saves time/money too - or grow your own!

  6. Anonymous3:05 PM

    This looks very healthy and delicious!

    Monica @ Life is sooo good...

  7. I do a mix of organic and non. My budget hasn't allowed for much lately, but I do try, if nothing else, to avoid things like high fructose corn syrup, nitrates, dairy or meat with added hormones and super fatty foods in our diet. It can be be a challenge to eat right, but it is so worth it. I wish you well in your endeavor.

  8. if there's an option for organic, i go for it. too bad bacon isn't organic.

  9. I have been mostly organic for about a decade. And I have to say, it is sometimes really really hard! Right now we are in a serious budget crunch and I keep wanting to do things like coupon or follow sales... but it is next to impossible to do this with organics and local foods as priorities! I do often go on websites and find coupons for organic processed foods, but in my mind, processed crap is processed crap, reguardless if it's organic or not... so I dont buy those often.

    I stick to all of my dairy, soy, corn, and meat organic (no GMO's of any kind for my babies!)... and everything else as local as possible. When I can't get organic I get hormone free, and when I can't get either, I go for local or go without. It's a learning curve and a process for sure. Good luck!

  10. We have gone organic as much as possible. The price of meat is very expensive. I can't look at the local grocery meat aisle or I can get a little depressed seeing how cheap the chicken and meat are, but at least I am raising two healthy children! :)

    We joined a local Community Supported Agriculture which is one yearly payment and we get fresh veggies and fruit every week. We also go to our local Farmer's Market. We also found a local dairy where we can get our milk extremely cheap. I found buying milk in the grocery store was hard to swallow.

    Good luck!