Muffin Tin Monday

Welcome to Muffin Tin Monday! This is the blog carnival that links up reader submitted muffin Tin Meals from across the web. Muffin Tin Mom is the official home of the Muffin Tin Meal. Summer is in full swing and I can't wait for Independence Day (in USA). It's one of my favorite holidays. In honor of this most wonderful days, I propose we do a themed week for next week's 4th of July post.

I am going to be making next week's theme (that's 7/4)
Red, White and Blue
So submit a Muffin Tin Meal with this "theme" in mind. Make it simple or get all wicked creative. 
It's completely up to you

Now on to this week's fun!

Organic baby carrots, red grapes, oranges, cinnamon raisin bread, organic whole fat vanilla yogurt
I was excited to use my thrift store muffin tin find.

Except for the carrots, it looks almost like breakfast!

Our journey towards organic food is a "baby step" process. One that I am trying not to have massive amounts of guilt about. I call it "organic guilt". I cringe if I have to buy something that's not organic just so we can stay within our means. I actually teared up a little on the way home from the grocery store. I feel like I am having to re-learn so much. And all of the sales for cheap produce are killing me. We have successfully purchased all of our dairy and meat organically. That I feel awesome about. I keep having to remind myself about the butter and cheese...and that "natural" doesn't necessarily mean organic.
Thank you for all of your tips and guidance on organics. I truly value it.

Now it's your turn. What did you make?!


  1. I find it hard to balance organic vs. great sale price.

  2. Hi there - it's Emme from The Kid Can Cook. Reading your post about making the switch to organic made ME tear up. It is SO hard sometimes and I just wanted to say "good job" for feeding your family the healthiest food you can afford. Hope you saw my response re: the hot dogs - if you have a Trader Joe's in your neck of the woods, we've always found them an excellent source for organic but inexpensive groceries. We are very committed to eating organic/local produce but like you, we're also trying very hard to stay within our means (for us, it's on one income). So one thing that I've learned about is the "Clean Fifteen" - these are fifteen produce items which are the most free of pesticides. These are 15 items that it is okay to buy as conventional and not organic. Here's the list via HuffPost http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/14/clean-fifteen-low-pesticide-produce_n_876580.html. Also, not sure where you are geographically but we've found it is by far more economical to buy organic produce via a CSA or local farm subscription or even at your local farmers' market.
    Just wanted to leave you a note of encouragement to say "You can do it!" and don't get discouraged. Hang in there!

  3. Thanks to whoever linked my blog to this party! This is my first visit here... I love all the muffin tin ideas!

  4. I found your blog when a friend "liked" you on facebook a couple weeks ago. I read through some posts and thought "my kids would probably like this. it looks like fun" (I have 2 boys, ages 3 and 5). So yesterday as I was cutting their pb&j into dinosaurs, I decided to put their strawberries and chips in paper muffin liners (because the one 12-count muffin pan I have would be a disastrous lunch for the 2 of them). Anywho- they LOVED it! they were WAY more excited about it than I even thought they would be. In fact- my 5 year old just asked me (at 10 in the morning) if they could have that lunch again! :) im SO buying more muffin pans... and some of those silicone cups too!