4 Unique Muffin Tin Meal Food Presentation Ideas

I love reading the Muffin Tin Monday submissions each week. While Muffin Tin Meals are all about food served to kids in a muffin tin. It's fun to think outside, the, er, tin, so to speak.

Here are 4 recent Muffin Tin Meals submitted through Muffin Tin Monday that have used "alternative methods" for presentation. You might be surprised at some of them!

Those back two teensy cups are shot glasses from the dollar store. Such a clever clever use for them.

silicone muffin cups nestled inside a cake pan...love!

Create food art on a plate!

Winner of most unique use of a cookie cutter (that star in the center. I had to look twice!) = brilliant!


  1. Those are so cute and love the cups in the first picture.

  2. thanks for featuring me!
    i love all the ideas i get from you posts and all the other muffin tin moms! THANK YOU!

  3. I am always amazed at how creative people can be! I love the cookie cutter. Fun stuff.

  4. Thanks so much for featuring our ocean theme lunch! That was a fun one to make and the kids loved eating it. Love the one with a cookie cutter too!