Muffin Tin Monday - 4th of July Patriotic Snacks

Happy Muffin Tin Monday Everyone! And happy Independence Day to all my American friends. In America, every year on July 4th, we celebrate our independence as a nation from England (on July 4th, 1776). We remember each year, the gift we have been given to live freely.

In honor of that celebration, this week's MTM theme is 
Red, White and Blue. 

Here's what I made. 
Ironically, the kids were watching the Australian TV show H20: Just Add Water while snacking. 

Red organic cherries from the farmer's market, strawberries, and watermelon 
Now it's your turn. Don't feel you need to do a themed tin to participate. Go ahead and add your link!


  1. Love juicy summer fruits. They look really fun

  2. Love your muffin cups! Happy 4th of July Michelle!

  3. If it makes you feel any better about the Aussie TV show, our national colours are red, white and blue as well! :)