Muffin Tin Monday

My children were already preschoolers when we started doing Muffin Tin Meals, but I know that these creative lunches are great for toddlers too. Small portion sizes, variety and interesting presentation all make Muffin Tin Meals a "go-to" simple meal for toddlers. The idea is simple: little bite sized foods presented in a muffin tin - a concept somewhere between a divided plate and a bento box meal

Do you have a toddler? How has introducing MTM's made a difference in their eating habits?

Here's what my kids had this week. Two identical muffin tins of:

Honeydew melon, grilled organic chicken, watermelon, star-shaped whole wheat bread, 
organic pears and cantaloupe.

Now it's your turn. Submit a photo of an MTM by clicking the blue "add your link button below. 1-2 entries per person, please and don' forget to link back to http://muffintinmom.com if you participate via a blog.

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  1. Muffin Tin Meals have made a big difference on my two toddler girls. They love filling the little trays and eating out of fun containers. We love that you put together this blog so we can share!