No Need For The Sunday Paper - Starbucks edition

I haven't posted one of my NNFSP link love round ups in a long time. Are you still with me? I had coffee with my friend Laura. You may know her as Semper Fi Momma. She and I got to talking about life, blogging, our mutual love of pinterest, starbucks, and other stuff for 3 solid hours. It was glorious. In honor of that, here are some Starbucks craft ideas for you to get inspired.

I love Laura's framed starbucks cards art Seriously, her story about her collection is delightful.

Starbucks Bento? Oh yes there is.

A Starbucks proposal? So cute. I love all the little details.


  1. The bento is so cute!

  2. I'm am beyond honored to be mentioned in your NNFTSP post. Thank you!